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Remy Martìn

Head of Ruff Justice

I head up the Ruff Justice department. Most clients are in need of a good moan about the way that they’ve been treated and the things they have to put up with.


I offer a furry, friendly face and am prepared to roll over for a tummy tickle for the distressed. I help my mum, Fiona Martin, manage her stress levels by taking her out for long walks on the beach so that she can calmly deal with employment law issues. We have long conversations about interesting topics such as the Dangerous Dog’s Act and discrimination against Rottweilers and Staffies. As a Cockapoo, I have an empathetic and loving nature and like to be friends with everyone. I believe in equality and diversity for all – except pugs!


I’m an attentive listener and have a great appetite – for cake! I only bark at those with inappropriate dress sense and my mum calls me ‘the fashion police’.


I represent dogs of all breeds, including the ‘dangerous’ ones. I have acted for Robin the Rottweiler, Polly the Pitbull and Daniel the Doberman.


In 2017, I gained my experienced dog walking certificate from Bow Wow Meow. I am qualified in behavioural dog therapy and am halfway through my assistance dog training course.

I have a life too

In my spare time, I love to chew bones, rugs, play tug of war and catch balls.

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