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The benefits of a written contract between you and your employee

As an employer, all your employees will have a contract of employment with you regardless of whether or not anything is in writing. It is preferable to have a written contract setting out all the main terms and conditions of employment.

Without a formal employment contract, the contract will be based on statutory rights and custom and practice. Implied terms, such as the implied duty of trust and confidence form part of all contracts, whether written or not. Without a formal contract, disputes often occur due to different understandings about terms.

Your employees have the right to a written statement of employment particulars after a month’s service. You need to provide this within two months of your employee starting (even if they are working for you for less than two months).

You may also want to protect your business by inserting post-termination restrictions so that if your employee leaves, they cannot solicit or deal with your clients for a set period of time. You cannot prevent your employee from seeking alternative employment, but you are entitled to protect your legitimate business interests.

How much do different types of employment contract cost?

We have standard fees for contracts to make it easier for you to budget. The price of your employment contract will depend on the type of contract and the seniority of the employee. For example, you may need more senior employees and sales people to enter into post-termination restrictive covenants to protect your business. Or you may need a fixed-term employment contract to cover maternity or paternity leave.

Alternatively, you may decide to have a contract for services for a self-employed contractor or consultant rather than employing them.

How we will help

Our Employment contract solicitors are Employment Law experts with huge experience in contract advice for employers – both writing contracts and advising on breach of employment contract issues.

We guarantee well-written contracts that are suitable for your organisation and clearly set out your employee’s terms and conditions. We will also ensure your contracts comply with changes in Employment Law. For example, we can advise on a retirement clause to suit the needs of your business. In addition, we can advise on special provisions for your business.

Finally, we can help you protect your business by advising on suitable post-termination restrictive covenants which are legally enforceable.

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