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Defending Carer Employment Claims

Employment Law team

Employing carers directly requires access to Employment law advice. Common issues include problems with a carer’s conduct or poor performance. There might also be a personality clash or even discrimination allegations in cases where your client has dementia or some other mental health impairment.

What should I do to try and prevent any claims arising?

A robust contract and handbook containing important policies is the ‘belt and braces’ of any good employment relationship. If there are problems employees should be encouraged to seek help as soon as possible rather than using the grievance process. Where there are problems with a carer’s performance or behaviour, difficult conversations need to be carried out as soon as possible and noted on their personnel file. If necessary, employees should be placed on a Performance Improvement Plan.

Why does acting quickly matter?

Your clients are dependent on carers for their essential needs and may even have a live-in carer where the boundaries between friendship and an employment relationship are blurred.

How we can help you

We will help guide you through the steps you need to take so that claims do not arise. This may include helping you with a grievance or disciplinary meeting or even fairly dismissing a carer.

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