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Employer Redundancy Advice

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Help for businesses making fair redundancies

Employment law redundancy rights advice for employers

The law is highly prescriptive on what constitutes redundancy. Expert redundancy advice is vital to ensure a fair redundancy process that promotes the rights and obligations of employers and employees alike.

Expert employment law solicitors can advise on all aspects of redundancy – including the redundancy consultation process – and deliver redundancy support to ensure a fair and compliant procedure.

How we will help

If you have a genuine redundancy situation you should follow a fair and reasonable redundancy process to avoid ending up in an Employment Tribunal. As expert employment law solicitors we can explore all alternatives to redundancy and help you conduct a meaningful redundancy consultation process should redundancies prove unavoidable. In addition, we can draw up relevant pools of employees from which to fairly and objectively select for redundancy.

Our redundancy support for employers – including Settlement Agreement advice – starts from just £220 an hour. We also offer two cost-effective fixed-fee redundancy legal advice packages for employers.

Our redundancy advice package for making less than 20 employees redundant (from £945 plus VAT) includes up to three hours’ advice, a tailored redundancy process plan, a guide for managers on handling redundancies and personalised ‘at risk’ and redundancy dismissal letters.

We also offer onsite help and support and can tailor a support package where you are making more than 20 people redundant.

Contact us today on 01273 609911, or email info@ms-solicitors.co.uk.

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