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What Happens Next

What happens when an employer contacts us

How our lawyers and support team will start your case

Whether your organisation has to tackle discrimination issues, is struggling with a disciplinary situation or is facing a claim from a previous employee, we can help. If it is urgent, you can ask to speak immediately to a member of our team either by telephone or by email.

If you have a disability and need us to make any adjustments to the way in which we deliver our services, just let us know. We will do our utmost to meet your needs.

Because we appreciate the urgency of most employment law matters we will always respond to your enquiry within 24 hours; but often on that same day and within the hour.

Initially there will be a free of charge telephone call in which we will:

  • take a summary of your situation, discuss your funding options, the steps you need to take immediately and how we can help
  • advise you of which what documents we will need
  • calculate whether one hour is sufficient time to assess your case

Once you have instructed us to commence working on your employment issue, rest assured that we will seek your permission before carrying out any work which goes beyond this initial assessment.

How much will it cost and who pays?

With Martin Searle Solicitors you have a number of funding options available: fixed fees or hourly rates that are appropriate to your situation and needs. If your business has legal expenses insurance, we will seek to gain authority to act as your ‘freedom of choice’ solicitor or to take it to a stage where your legal expense insurers are prepared to fund your case.

Once we have received your documents and a summary of events, we will be able to confirm whether we can provide our advice within one hour or whether additional time is required. The initial discounted rate for the first hour is £150 + VAT.

Where there is a high volume of documentation to read or complex legal issues to research, we will advise you as to the additional time it will take to assess your matters and we will provide a costs estimate. We will not undertake any additional work until you have authorised us to do so.

We have different hourly rates ranging from £200 + VAT to £295 + VAT. We will find out how much you can afford and allocate a lawyer with the necessary expertise.

We are aware that employment advice and representation is expensive and we aim to do everything possible to ensure that our services are accessible and value for money.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may have the benefit of legal expenses insurance which will cover your legal fees. This could be part of a membership scheme, such as Federation of Small Businesses or part of a more general business insurance package.

Legal expenses insurers will usually refer you to their preferred firm of solicitors. You have the right, however, to choose your own solicitor to represent you in tribunal. We have considerable experience of dealing with legal expenses insurers on behalf of our clients. We will ensure that funding is provided at the earliest possible stage so that you can instruct a specialist lawyer of your choice.

To speak to an expert employment lawyer, contact us today on 01273 609911, or email info@ms-solicitors.co.uk.

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