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Employment Tribunal Costs

The SRA Transparency Rules require firms to publish price and service information regarding Employment Tribunals for individuals and businesses.

Please go to:

Employment Tribunal Legal Costs for Employees

Employment Tribunal Legal Costs for Employers

Hourly rates for our Employment Law Team


Fiona Martin    £305 + vat at 20%
Sarah Henderson    £285 + vat at 20%
Christine Gannon    £295 + vat at 20%
Laura Donnelly    £295 + vat at 20%


Legal Expenses Insurance

We always check whether you have Legal Expenses Insurance, which might fund your claim or defence.

If you are an employee, this is likely to be included on your Contents or Building Insurance, or as part of your banking services. Employers may have purchased Legal Expenses Insurance as a package with other insurances such as Employees Liability or Public Liability Insurance. It may also be included as an employer membership package, such as the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB).

It is important that authority is obtained from the insurer in order for you to have cover, and that they are notified as soon as possible. In most cases the insurer will require all the relevant documentation and usually a report from the solicitor conducting the case that there is more than a 50% chance of winning. The rates that they pay will depend on the insurer. If there is a shortfall we may require you to top up their rate so it is close to our published fee earner rates. We always obtain the insurer’s authority to incur disbursements and will always advise if there is a shortfall.

Damages Based Agreements

In cases where we have assessed that our employee client has a strong claim but cannot afford to fund this, we may be able to offer a Damages Based Agreement.

We will have required that the assessment is paid for using our initial advice assessment scheme. Guidance as to how much this will cost can be found here.

The maximum that we will charge you for a Damages Based Agreement is 35% (including vat) of any compensation that you receive. In situations where you have requested that the advocacy is carried out by a Barrister, we are likely to charge 25% (including vat) of any compensation you receive.

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