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Martin Searle Solicitors

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“Did the job exactly as promised efficiently and without delay.”

Norman S

“You have an outstanding track record. I will continue to refer clients who need advice on Nursing Home fees or funding to you and I’m certain you will do everything possible to help them.”

Mike K

“Cate Searle was so understanding and helpful, I was very impressed.”

Shima T

“Cate Searle was awesome.”

Community Care Law

Vicky H

“We don’t think you can improve. We were very very happy with everything.”

Philip D

“The service provided by Carolyn was first class and I am most grateful to her personally.”

Pro-bono advice clinic

Linda H

“Excellent service. Staff extremely helpful, understanding and informative. Very grateful for all the assistance.”

Fay & John W

“I would be delighted to recommend this service from Carolyn Hunnisett. Not only are they extremely professional, competent, their knowledge base being very much up to date, they are very empathic which is an extremely important quality for people going through this emotionally draining process. I wholeheartedly recommend them.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare appeal

Dr Buchan

Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. We are so very grateful to all your hard work and support.

Mental Capacity and Best Interests

Richard V.

“Friendly and sympathetic approach with sound professional advice. Able to discuss matters freely without feeling overawed. Cate was always available to answer queries.”

Amy C

“Excellent clear straightforward advice. Cate inspires a huge amount of calmness and confidence.”

Richard H

“In view of the minefield of the legislation with which we were dealing the advice given clarified things and helped us understand. Cannot see how you can improve. Keep up the good work.”

Chris S

“I have already recommended Martin Searle Solicitors to several people because Chloe’s help and advice was invaluable to me and the emotional support was excellent also.”

Anna T

“I am certain to recommend Martin Searle Solicitors. Cate was very honest and due to her manner I knew I could trust her. I was proved correct.”

Planning & Paying for Care Client

Susan D

“Excellent service.”

Nala T

“Cate Searle of Martin Searle Solicitors is without doubt the best specialist solicitor in these matters in the country – £94,000 says so!”

Community Care Law

Terry W

“I have already recommended you, and would always recommend you to anyone seeking advice regarding the funding of care homes, deprivation of assets, etc, and rules relating to power of attorneys.”

Planning & paying for care

Caroline W

“Very prompt and understandable communications.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare

Teresa P

“Excellent service and communication through phone calls and emails. Clear information”.

Allie S

I would have no hesitation in recommending Martin Searle Solicitors to any of my friends.

Deputyship Application

Zoe H

“We would both like to thank Colin, Cate and your team for all the superb advice and assistance that you have given us over the last 15 months or so. We are sure that without it, we would not have achieved what we did.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Mr and Mrs B

“Very sensitive and empathetic, easy to trust, straightforward.”

Norman S

“I was worried I would end up having to sell my home to pay for mum’s continuing care. I have been delighted with your dedication and excellent arguments.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Ina W

“The guidance provided I feel sure was paramount to the final outcome especially when it was necessary to appeal the original decision and go to panel.”

Tom R

“We are very pleased with the personable and effective advice.”

Paul J

“I would just like to place on record once more my sincere thanks to Cate for her help to my family in trying times.”

Anyim C

“Caroline was very knowledgeable on care home funding and dealing with Local Council. Matters were always dealt with promptly. Always responded quickly to our concerns. Caroline came across to us as a very competent, kind and caring person. “

Ben W

“First class service at all times. I do not feel that the level of service could be bettered.”

Community Care Law

Richard F

“The options available to me were made clear to me in a clear and straight forward way.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal Client

Richard & Wendy G

“I found the staff very friendly and they made me feel they were there to help me. They always kept me informed of everything, always called me back, and always talked to me in plain English so I understood what was going on with my case.”

Community Care Law

Emma S

“Every attorney needs an Andy! I am really happy with the sound legal advice that he has given me, which has clarified a lot of issues. Thank you for arming me with the knowledge I need – I feel relaxed for the first time in two years!”

Best Interests Advice

Attorney in Sussex

Without your help, I would not have continued with the case because fighting this on my own would have been too much of a strain. I needed support and your local expertise to deal with Social Services.

NHS CHC Refund

Christina S

“You could not have been more helpful or friendly and we would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone. Thank you.”

Philip D

“Your advice and clarity were invaluable in what was a very complex matter. The result has given both my mother and myself peace of mind.”


Amy C

“I recommend Martin Searle Solicitors because of their specialist knowledge about care for the elderly and Cate’s genuine and caring manner.”

Community Care Law

Jane G

“Cate was excellent throughout.”

Richard H

“The level of communication from Cate was what I needed to keep the family up to date on proceedings. Very considerate approach, thank you.”

Retrospective NHS Continuing Healthcare award

Diane T

“We would like to say a huge thank you to Martin Searle Solicitors and in particular to Carolyn Hunnisett for all their help in taking on the NHS for funding on behalf of our father and WINNING!

It was not an easy case and we knew that we were not certain to win. By the time we spoke to Martin Searle we were close to giving up. We had been trying for funding for some years without any success and were appalled by the way the NHS had treated both our father and ourselves. Sadly our father passed away before our appeal against the decision not to fund him.

We took the decision to carry on and were taken through the appeal process step by step by Carolyn. She represented us as a family at the appeal and really held us together in what became a bewildering and emotional process.

We finally had an apology from the NHS and a decision to recommend our father for NHS Continuing Healthcare.

We cannot express how grateful we are for all the help and guidance, plus good sense, that Carolyn gave us through what was, for us, a truly traumatic time.

With our very best wishes and thanks.”

Retrospective NHS Continuing Healthcare funding

F Holloway

“Excellent knowledge, good communications – both verbal and email”.

Ian S

“On behalf of everyone in the family, I would like to extend our sincerest heartfelt thanks. My aunt had nothing but praise for you.”

Community Care Law

Nick G

“This was a particularly difficult time for us, coping with the emotional demands of my mother’s illness, and the pressures that were brought to bear on us by the local authority. My wife and I both found Chloe’s professionalism, knowledge, judgments and support to be invaluable. She was meticulous in her research and her advice was always presented in an understandable and appropriate manner. She was always caring and understanding and shared genuine empathy to our situation.”

Michael W

“Martin Searle Solicitors’ service was great!”

Planning & Paying for Care Client

Susan D

“Pleasant, friendly, stress free service. Good outcome.”

Alison M

“Thank you so much for all your help in securing this payment which was definitely worth waiting for.  I really appreciate all the effort that you and Cate made to bring this reimbursement to a successful conclusion.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Jay F

“Although I had loads of facts and evidence I needed Cate’s wide experience in this field to succeed.”

Daniel E

Andy got to the root of the issue straight away and made a very stressful situation easy for me and my family. He would always respond very quickly and provided all the support I needed to put my mind at rest.

Challenging Care and Support Decisions

Henry S

At all times you were so kind and helpful to Norman & I. It is greatly appreciated and I can never thank you enough! Cate – you were marvelous.”

Enid T

“We enjoyed calm and peaceful visits to my mother in her care home without the worry of financial disputes, all thanks to you. I would like to thank you for your professional and caring approach.”

Planning and Paying for Care


“Chloe was patient and used legal speak I could understand and put me at my ease. I was very pleased with the service I got, the way Chloe went out of her way to get me all the facts and figures.”

Acting Trustee & completing guardianship for husband

Hayley E

Cate was professional, kind and understanding in a difficult situation.

Care Home Terms & Conditions

P Langdon

“I am very grateful for your very helpful advice and the manner in which you have dealt with this case throughout. I have been highly impressed.”

Community Care Law

Liz T

“Caroline guided me through my case sensitively and effectively.”

Alice N

“Professional, friendly, efficient and prompt.”

Lee & Lauren F

“Helpful informative advice from an obvious expert in the field.”

Jane E

“Thank you for your skill, advice and expertise in our case against the Council. When we were seeking legal support we found expertise in this area very hard to come by. We are delighted with the outcome and are very pleased that we chose you to represent us. The last two years have been very difficult for our family and this was another battle we could have done without. You have provided clear guidance along the way and channelled your time most effectively and efficiently and taken a huge weight off us. It has certainly become apparent that you took your duties seriously and in actual fact your primary motivation is genuinely to help people such as us rather than any financial gain.”

Jon W

“Cate was always attentive and spoke with authority, clarity but with a professional pleasant manner. Her advice appeared sound and we were always content to accept her pragmatic approach.”

George W

“Cate was a fantastic help. Easy to talk to and friendly.”

Margaret V

“I just wanted to take this opportunity to express mine and my family’s sincere gratitude and massive appreciation for everything you have done for us. I have come to appreciate how much time, effort and most importantly care, you and your team put into helping people like us. Without you and your team, we would never have continued pushing for the NHS Continuing Healthcare reimbursement for Dad. I think he would have been secretly proud of us (he was not a man to talk about his feelings too much!!) and he would have thought you were awesome! In our conversations and correspondence, it is apparent how much you genuinely care for the families you help and the work you do.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Lesley W

Supportive, approachable professional service. Would thoroughly recommend.

Paying for Care

Fiona N

“Navigating through the Continuing Healthcare process can be extremely difficult. Without Chloe’s specialist advice, I’m not sure we would be been successful ourselves. Chloe really helped me to be clear about what I should be focusing on about how we should approach Mum’s Continuing Healthcare review. It was with Chloe’s skills and experience as a community care lawyer, that we were able to gain new insight on some of the issues surrounding my mother’s case, which no doubt contributed to our successful application.”

Advice on an NHS CHC review meeting

Kate C

“We can’t thank you enough Cate for your time talking to us, and we feel ready for the next stage. It’s been totally exhausting and quite draining, but talking to you has re-invigorated us, thank you.”

Proposed cuts to disabled daughter’s care package

Mr & Mrs G

“Our appeal is still ongoing, but we a are lot more positive and a lot further forward than we would have been without your help. Thank you.”

Onyeka P

“Chloe Smith’s manner and detailed information was excellent and my view would have been the same even if the case result had not been positive.”

Funding for Long Term Care

Alan C

“I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of Cate’s services.”

Shirin U

“Specialist knowledge, friendly and professional.”

Robert P

“I would recommend Martin Searle Solicitors to anyone due to your friendly and professional approach. Cate has a great indepth knowledge of the subjects in question.”

Daniel E

“Treated at all times with kindness and care.”

Patricia M

“I don’t think you could improve your service – it was excellent throughout.”

Community Care Law

Dyanne L

“An excellent professional service in support of our NHS Continuing Healthcare case.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Norman S

“The pro bono services for Age Concern clients are invaluable. Cate’s knowledge of community care law is a great help to clients and volunteers.”

Community Involvement

Age Concern, Brighton

“Very informative. Answered all my questions in a satisfactory manner.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal Client

Richard & Wendy G

“The break through we needed with Social Services was accomplished swiftly.”

Norman S

“You have a clear understanding of this complex system!”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal Client

Richard & Wendy G

“The advice was knowledgeable, reliable and professional. I always felt Cate had my mum’s interests at heart and was helping me do the best for her.”

Community Care Law

Karen R

“Martin Searle Solicitors’ comprehensive support and sharing of expertise has made an invaluable contribution to the work of Engage Brighton and Hove.”

Community Involvement

Manager, Engage Brighton and Hove

“First class service at all times. I do not feel that the level of service could be bettered.”

Community Care Law

Richard F

”Chloe is extremely knowledgeable and good at delivering relevant information.”

MBL Training on Community Care Law

Anita W

‘‘Thank you for your ongoing support. I am delighted with the quality of your drafts and feel that you capture the relevant points perfectly.’’

Challenging third party top-ups for care fees.

SN, Shipley

“Cate showed a consistently superb level of professionalism, attention to detail and expertise. The PCT told us it was the quality of our submissions that settled the matter in our favour.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Andrew S

“Thank you Chloe for your succinct, clear and professional advice.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Olivia B

“Every aspect of my appeal case was dealt with professionally, courteously and efficiently. Thanks Cate.”

Michael W

“Straight forward advice based on in-depth understanding of a complex subject area.”

Community Care Law

Simon R

“Prompt, knowledgeable and courteous service. Fast and efficient.”

Jane S

“Chloe Scarr gave up her time to come to our offices and talk to our volunteers about practical tips and tactics that can be used when supporting someone with dementia to appeal an NHS Continuing Healthcare decision. We and our volunteers are extremely grateful to Chloe for sharing her knowledge and experience with us. Her contribution will help our volunteers to support vulnerable people through a very difficult process.”

Community Engagement

Mary S, Alzheimer's Society

“Thank you very much to Cate and Chloe. You both are angels that have saved my Mum’s life.”

Nala T

“Understanding and very effective legal advice.”

Paul J

“Martin Searle Solicitors’ free advice gives carers an opportunity to seek a specialist’s opinion. We really value their experience and expertise.”

Community Involvement

Carers Centre, Brighton

“I would recommend because you are the best solicitors I have worked with so far.”

Nala T

“Carolyn helped me and my family understand the process better and gave support in processing a claim.”

Pro-bono advice

Age Concern

“Very impressed during each consultation with the alacrity and knowledge shown.”

Dev K

“Letters and documents were written clearly and gave the information needed to be happy that I understood the process.”

Charlotte F

“I got exactly what I needed. This type of information is hard to come by and not available at most solicitors.”

Community Care Law

Paul B

“At an incredibly difficult time of my life Cate gave me clear, precise advice in a kind and friendly way and enabled me to arm myself with the knowledge I needed to ensure the best possible care was made available to my mother, and that we did not end up with crippling bills at the end of it.  Her compassion and understanding was very much present and I will always be grateful to her for helping us the way she did.”

Charlotte F

“Thank you. You exceeded expectations. Just continue to do what you are doing in the same understanding, compassionate way. Cate’s presence at the appeal was invaluable.”

Chris S

Your knowledge and advice was so reassuring. I lost count of how many times we agreed that we were so glad to have your advice and support. Your consistent professional and personal support for us was invaluable and I am sure it went far beyond your usual professional role. We really cannot thank you enough Cate.

CoP Application

Pam & Ben

Cate had us completely focused the entire time. Not once did I look at my watch for the coffee break! Her masterclass covered the complex issues of securing NHS CHC funding and was the most practical course I have ever attended.

MBL Training on Community Care Law

Robyn G, Porter Dodson

“Cate was knowledgeable, clear-minded and kind.”

Lisa S

“I’m enormously grateful. Keep up the good work!”

Mike K

“I thank you for all the help and advice you have given to us over the past months. I know we would not have made it without you. I thank you for your kindness and understanding in dealing with our problems.”

Planning & Paying for Care

Lisa R

“Without your work I’m sure our appeal for NHS Continuing Healthcare for my mother would have failed.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Betty E

“Cate is a kind, generous, and intelligent women having a positive impact on the world around her, helping vulnerable people in their darkest hour. Cate, and those around her, should be very proud of what they are doing.”

Matthew K

“Very understanding and patient with clients.”

Jane J

“The care and quality of service provided far exceeded our expectations.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal Client

Richard & Wendy G

“Support, a friendly voice and solid advice.”

Nat C

“A very good outcome, thank you!”

Mike K

“Thank you to Martin Searle Solicitors for all your help – I don’t think that you could have done any more.”

NHS CHC Funding

Deborah H

“Flexible approach, non contentious view but prepared to play hardball if required.”

Dev K

“You made a most significant impact on the quality of care that my father received during his illness. I am forever grateful to you for all of the support and assistance that you provided to me and my family.”

Planning & Paying for Care Client

Philip K

“Your advice and clarity were invaluable in what was a very complex matter. The result has given both my mother and myself peace of mind.”

Community Care Law

Margaret C

“I can’t fault the service Cate provided.”

Lee & Lauren F

A pleasure to have dealt with the practice who adopted a top professional approach throughout.


Albert G

“Mum hated injustice and that is why we are fighting so hard to appeal. Have to say that Caroline and Cate have been great and would have no qualms recommending you to other families in a similar situation.”

Claire G

“I am mindful of your work in achieving eligibility and thank you most sincerely for your help in this – I think that the outcome of the Panel may have been very different without your input. Once more, my grateful thanks to you and my best wishes to you.”

NHS CHC Funding

William A

“The service couldn’t be made better.”

Michael W

“I would recommend Martin Searle Solicitors due to the fantastic service we received from Chloe.”

Kat W

“Professional, friendly, efficient and prompt.”

Rosie & Matthew G

Thank you Sara – you are wonderful. We are so grateful for all the effort that you have put in to help us. We are both feeling hugely indebted and grateful to you for doing such a great job.

Education, Health and Care Plans

Mr and Mrs V

“I could hardly have expected a more sympathetic and understanding response to my problem.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Henry D

We are very grateful for all the hard work you have done and the constant support you have been through a very difficult time. I think without you being there, Lucinda would no doubt be in a home somewhere laying bed bound waiting to die, and stripped of her dignity.

Christine R

“Professional. Kept the client on-track. Dealt courageously with a dysfunctional London Borough Social Services. Achieved a financial result.”

Robert P

“Reassuring, very helpful, everything explained very clearly.”

Allie S

“I had no problem understanding what the situation was and what my options were after Cate explained them. She was also easily accessible as well without costing the earth financially.”

Talya W

“Very thorough and sympathetic to our needs. Great communication and refreshing approach. Very informed on what our situation was.”

Community Care Law

Mr and Mrs Y

“I felt that I was being given reliable and realistic advice throughout the process.”

Anyim C

“I appreciate your help and advice. I would have been lost without it during my NHS Continuing Healthcare case.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Cerrig W

“Cate brought real knowledge and understanding to a difficult area of law and reacted rapidly to queries raised.”

Talya W

“Carolyn’s dedication and promptness in pursuing our case for the reimbursement of unnecessary paid expenses has been exemplary.”

Pro-bono advice clinic

Age Concern

Thanks once again for your knowledge,  professionalism and care – I don’t know what I’d have done without your advice and guidance.

Planning and Paying for Care

Helen V.

“Thank you so much for all your help on this. Without your expertise I know that my Mum would have ended up in a Care Home. She is so happy to be back and very content so it has proved that it was well worth the fight. Just to see her so happy and smiling again is wonderful and it has proved to me that we did the right thing, although at times I thought we may have to concede defeat. You have been brilliant and were always there when we needed you. We were very lucky to find you. Thank you for all that you did and I know that my Mum would like to say a very big thank you as well. “

Penny W

“Easy to talk to…knowledgeable in the field.”

Dev K

“I wish you and your firm continued success in defending the elderly from unfairness and indignity.”

Community Care Law

Stephanie R

A pleasure to have dealt with the practice who adopted a top professional approach throughout.


Albert G

“Keep on working as you do with the honesty that you have always shown.”

Michael W

“I think that we have a result all round thanks to Matthew Grant and Cate Searle. Our family can’t thank you enough.”

Community Care Law

Ian K

“A dedicated and concise service”

Dev K

“Chloe came to visit us twice at home in order to do LPAs for my elderly aunty. She was very helpful and explained everything in ways we could all understand. We were very happy with her work and level of commitment to us.”

Kat W

“Cate and Matthew concluded the proceedings with the County Council and they helped me (as my Personal Representative) to recover the full amount of my father’s overpayments to his care home. They were also supportive and a shoulder for me when I had some very difficult and challenging times and tasks to conclude.”

Adam M

“We would like to thank you for your skill, advice and expertise in our case against the Council. We are delighted with the outcome and are very pleased that we were fortunate enough to choose you to represent us.”

Planning & Paying For Care

Mark & Josie T

“It’s all worked well in the end and we can’t thank you enough for steering us through the minefield.”

Paying for Care

Chris L

“I feel more confident in challenging the decisions of the Local Authority having received this professional and specialist advice”.

Challenging A Local Authority Decision

Colin M

“Thank you so much Cate for all of your help, advice and support towards Lucy and I. Thanks to your help, we managed to keep Lucy’s greatest pleasure in life. For that we are eternally grateful”

Court of Protection

Sophie, Yorkshire

“Professional competence and flexibility. Provision of advice to clients who had legal background themselves.”

Cliff P

“I cannot praise highly enough the help and support I received from this outstanding firm of solicitors, especially Cate Searle. Without her my NHS Continuing Healthcare case would not have succeeded.”

NHS Continuing Healthcare Appeal

Veronica F

The service was both professional and personal. It was a great relief to find solicitors who were clear about what would be possible and steered us competently through the processes all the way. We are very pleased with the successful outcome.

CoP Best Interest Decision

Gill W

Martin Searle Solicitors, 9 Marlborough Place, Brighton, BN1 1UB
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