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Disability Matters

Employment Law

Disability Matters – our October 2023 Campaign to stamp out Disability Discrimination in the Workplace.

Our Employment Law team’s Disability Matters Campaign aims to stamp out disability discrimination in the workplace. This campaign will concentrate on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and other medical conditions such as Long Covid and Fibromyalgia, which can produce similar symptoms.

Workers struggling with mental health disabilities increasing

The Martin Searle Solicitors Employment Law team have found despite disability discrimination in the workplace being outlawed we are dealing with increasing numbers of employees experiencing discrimination.

People with disabilities are under-represented at work

  • The 2022 Labour Force Survey found that 22% of the working age population were classed as disabled, and yet people with disabilities remain under-represented among the workforce.
  • A June 2023 study by the House of Commons library found that 53.7% of working-age disabled people are in employment, compared to 82.7% for people who are not disabled. For many with mental health conditions, including learning difficulties, the employment rate drops to just 28%.
  • Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, the disability employment gap, which shows the difference between the proportion of disabled people who are in employment, and the corresponding proportion of people who are not disabled, widened with a gap of 28.4%.
  • Despite disability discrimination in the workplace being outlawed by the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act, and updated by the 2010 Equality Act, a 2020 study carried out by Citizens Advice found that disabled people were twice as likely to face redundancy at work. The ONS also found that disabled people earn 13.8% less on average than non-disabled people – almost £2 less per hour.

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