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Why Employees Choose Us


Word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients are our main source of new work and we know that our clients are our greatest advocates. Our clients tell us that they appreciate the care and commitment we made to them and their case.

Employees continue to choose and recommend us as we are expert and committed employment lawyers who pull out all the stops to achieve a positive outcome.

“Martin Searle Solicitors has an excellent reputation for dedication and professionalism in handling delicate situations. Their detail and tenacity of approach are a winning combination.”


We have built up an Employment Law Team that are particularly known for our advice on discrimination in the workplace. This is a complex area of law and yet we win many of our cases. Also the fact that we represent both employers and employees gives us unique insight and understanding of our opponent’s tactics so we can second guess what they are going to do.

Where traditionally each case might be assigned to one solicitor alone, we share our expertise and pool our resources at team meetings to ensure all our clients receive the best advice possible.

Each member of our team is an expert in one or more complex Employment Law issues. We meet weekly to discuss our cases and to share information. This team approach contributes to our high success rate when bringing and defending Tribunal cases.

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“We were impressed with the professionalism, knowledge, speed and response. Excellent advice and case handling.”


At Martin Searle Solicitors, the clock doesn’t start ticking just because you pick up the phone. We always have an initial chat with you to discuss your employment issues and how we can help. The more you are able to do to prepare a timeline of events with supporting documents such as emails and contracts, the quicker we can assess your case and provide written legal advice, thus reducing your costs.

To help our clients understand the most common Employment Law issues without being charged legal fees, our website provides a suite of factsheets, FAQs, articles and case studies.

Our experienced Settlement Agreement solicitors sign off at least 10 Settlement Agreements each week and in many cases enhance the compensation offered. It is important that we obtain a fair deal.

“Thank you for all you did and for such a reasonable bill.”


We really listen to you and find out what you consider to be the best solution for you. Only then can we advise on whether your aims are all possible and how much we estimate this will cost.

It is our job to make sense of the law; to make sure you understand all the options available and the potential implications so you can make an informed choice. That is why we provide all clients with clear and straightforward advice from the outset, with written advice provided after the initial consultation.

“The provision of information and advice is the best I’ve experienced in a long time. Timely, efficient and clear.”


We always tell you the truth even though it might not be what you want to hear. If any of your potential claims are on shaky ground then we will say so. If you have a strong claim and you are being offered compensation which is inadequate then we wont just sign off your Settlement Agreement. We will do everything possible to maximise the money offered.

Our aim is to properly advise and represent our clients so that we really do make a difference.

“Their skillful handling and firm but fair approach secured a very satisfactory settlement.”


Workplace disputes are stressful and our aim is to help you through this difficult time, so you benefit from a positive outcome. Our clients are all different and some are better able to fight for their rights than others. Sometimes an apology and a quick exit may be better than holding out for maximum compensation. We make sure that you are in control of your case and you decide what outcome is best for you.

“Close attention – was there for me throughout a difficult process – very supportive.”

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