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Social Care Funding Matters

Community care solicitors explain how we can help secure funding for care fees from health and social care services

Social Care Funding Matters – our February 2023 campaign to raise awareness about the current problems with social care funding.

Raising awareness about the current issues with Social Care Funding

Our Social Care Funding Matters campaign will provide clear and straightforward advice for individuals and professionals who have questions and concerns about social care funding, whether it is for care at home, care in a care home, or planning ahead.

In 2020/21, there were 841,000 people in England receiving long term support from social services, and 50% of these were working aged adults. It is thought that there are several million people who are self-funding their care, either because they have assets above £23,250, or because they have been given incorrect information by Health or Social Services. In October 2022, the Local Government Social Care Ombudsman reported that it had upheld 71% of complaints about social care charges, describing “a growing disconnect between the care to which people are entitled, and the ability of councils to meet those needs”

The costs of paying for care often makes front-page news as this can involve people having to sell their home to pay their care fees. There has also been a lot of publicity about hospital bed blocking and the social care crisis, and the proposed introduction of the £86,000 social care cap has now been delayed until at least October 2025.

Our Community Care Law team have found that much of the information published by the media is incomplete, misleading, or does not represent the true nature of the care funding system. This means that a large number of people do not access the support that they are legally entitled to.

We will provide practical advice and assistance to individuals keen to find out more about what how to access social care funding and the services they are entitled to under the Care Act. Our advice is also available to professionals such as accountants, financial advisors, lawyers and professional deputies who also have to offer advice about paying for care.

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