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Employment Tribunal representation and advice for employees

Bringing a claim against your employer

Employment Tribunals deal with claims brought against employers by employees relating to their employment or its termination. These can cover a wide range of issues including unfair dismissal claims, wrongful dismissal claims, discrimination in the workplace claims and equal pay claims. Employment Tribunals can also hear claims against other bodies such as trade unions and professional associations.

From Summer 2013, charges will be imposed by the Government for making a claim to the Employment Tribunal. Fees to use the service will be payable in advance, and most types of fee will apply to the employee bringing the claim. However, the Tribunal will have the power to order the unsuccessful party to reimburse the fee to the successful party. In practice, cases are often settled rather than there being a clear ‘winner’ or ‘loser’ and the issue of reimbursement would form part of the settlement.

The government is also considering whether to bring in legislation so that, before any claim is issued, it has to be sent to Acas first to see if their conciliators can settle the claim.

It is often better for you and your employer to resolve problems using the Acas grievance and disciplinary procedures before problems reach an Employment Tribunal claim. A third-party mediator can also help. We can provide a trained mediator. If a claim does reach the Employment Tribunal, any award can be increased or decreased by up to 25% if either side has unreasonably failed to follow the Acas Code.

Although employees can represent themselves in a UK Employment Tribunal, specialist employment tribunal solicitors increase the chances of success. Tribunal rules are complex and losing or winning can depend on using the right tactics from the outset, so it pays to get advice from solicitors as early as possible.

How we will help

Our specialist Employment Tribunal solicitors have many years’ experience representing both employers and employees across a wide variety of cases. If you believe you have a claim against your employer we can help.

As part of our Employment Tribunal service we will explore alternatives to a claim such as negotiating a settlement or mediation. If we believe your best course of action is to take a claim to an Employment Tribunal we will advise on how best to present your case and maximise your chances of winning. We can also advise on taking a case to the Employment Appeal Tribunal or higher Courts if your claim is unsuccessful in the first instance.

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