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Employee Grievance Advice

What is the Acas Code of Practice?

The Acas Code of Practice provides a course of action if you have a workplace complaint which cannot be resolved through normal communications with a line manager. The Acas grievance code of practice sets out clear and transparent procedures for raising and dealing with complaints to ensure everyone is treated fairly and reasonably and in the same way in similar circumstances.

Introduced in April 2009, the Acas grievance procedure replaced the more prescriptive statutory grievance procedure and suggests parties ‘should’ rather than ‘must’ act in a certain way. Employment Tribunals can increase or reduce compensation by 25% if either side has ‘unreasonably’ failed to follow the Acas grievance procedure.

How we will help

Grievance procedures under the Acas code seek to ensure work grievance procedures are conducted fairly. We can help by providing expert employment law advice and assisting you in drafting your grievance and/or appeal.

We will also advise in writing your prospects of succeeding in bringing a claim for discrimination and/or constructive unfair dismissal in the Tribunal. If you believe your grievance is not being properly handled we can explore ways of getting this back on track. If you are at the appeal stage we can ensure your appeal addresses all the main issues.

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