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Case Study: £6,000 Compensation Lift in Settlement Agreement


How Fiona Martin, one of the UK’s leading Settlement Agreement solicitors, increased the compensation sum paid under a Settlement Agreement by £6,000.

The situation

Roger had worked as a manager at a small company for 13 years. He had a difficult relationship with his manager and he was called into a disciplinary meeting and was offered a Settlement Agreement (then known as a Compromise Agreement) with a compensatory sum of £10,000. His employer told him to “take it or else”.

Roger denied that there was any basis to the disciplinary allegations and pointed out that this was the second time in six months that this manager had tried to discipline him.

What Martin Searle Solicitors did

Our solicitors in Gatwick & Crawley advised Roger to lodge a formal grievance. They helped him write this and supported him through both his disciplinary and grievance hearings. They also wrote a “without prejudice” letter asking for a higher compensatory sum and negotiated with his employer’s solicitors.

The result

Despite the fact that the employer’s solicitor had stated that it would not increase the compensatory sum, Roger received £16,000, an increase of £6,000, together with a favourable reference.

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