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How to avoid and deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

Event date: 21-11-2019

HR Digital Media Employment Law Training for Digital Media Sector

HR Matters is a bi-monthly HR forum for business owners, HR managers, directors and employees responsible for personnel issues, who work in any sector.

Fiona Martin, director and head of employment law, coordinates HR Matters and promotes best practice.

This Session

How to avoid and deal with sexual harassment in the workplace

An alliance of unions, charities and women’s rights groups, including the Fawcett Society and Amnesty, have launched a joint campaign calling for new legislation that would legally require employers to take proactive measures to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace.

#MeToo spread virally as a hashtag to highlight how widespread sexual harassment in the workplace is and to encourage women to speak out. Fiona is appearing as a panelist at #MeToo: A Journey towards a harassment-free workplace on Friday 8 November at Jubilee Library – tickets are available here.

Employment lawyers are now dealing with complex claims, often involving the police. It is vital that business owners and HR take complaints of sexual harassment seriously and carry out a thorough investigation.

This session will help employers:

  • ensure that you protect your employees against harassment and allegations of harassment
  • promote a culture based on equality and respect
  • educate your workforce on expected behaviours
  • provide examples of recent cases to highlight preventative steps that can be taken.


This event will be held at our Brighton office on Thursday 21 November 2019 from 9:15am – 11:15am. 

Events are free for members. Membership costs £25 per year to cover refreshments. Membership invoices shall be issued upon your second HR Matters meeting and are to be paid by cash on the day.

Members and non-members can book a place at the meeting through Eventbrite.

If you have any queries please call Chris Parkinson on 01273 609911, or email chris@ms-solicitors.co.uk. You can also join our HR Matters group on LinkedIn here.

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