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Upcoming MBL Seminars with Cate Searle

Cate Searle, Director and Head of Community Care Law, leads expert seminars and training for MBL.

Paying for Care & Securing Funding Masterclass – All You Need to Know

“Cate, as always, retains your attention with hands on experience and discussion” – DV, Private Client Solicitor

“Very knowledgeable and good relation of specific examples” – PA, Trust & Tax Practitioner

This practical and tactical live broadcast session is designed for professional deputy and private client law teams who have a working knowledge of the health and social care funding systems and want to know how to run successful public law challenges that make a difference for their clients.

Presented by leading expert Cate Searle, there will be case studies reflecting your everyday practice to enhance your confidence in public law principles, enabling you to write your most dynamic challenge letter on ‘that case’ which has been causing you so much frustration.

The notes from the session will provide you with an incredibly detailed & helpful summary of all the legislative and guidance background to quote from. The course content is constantly updated and will cover the impact of the emergency coronavirus legislation on health and social care funding.

This live broadcast is interactive and will leave you equipped with everything you will ever need to know about paying for care.

What You Will Learn

This live and interactive session will cover all the tools you need to assist and represent your client in common and complex care funding matters including:

  • Challenging misleading information or unlawful decisions from Health or Social Services, including blanket policies
  • Top-up issues for care homes and care at home and arbitrary caps on funding for care packages
  • Disputes involving needs v preferences, discretionary decisions and top tips for the most effective challenge letter
  • Lawful Health and Social Services assessment processes, including safe hospital discharge
  • Deprivation allegations against your client or their family, including allegations of financial abuse, safeguarding and OPG investigations; and recovery action taken by Social Services
  • Challenging NHS CHC eligibility and commissioning decisions
  • Clients with PI settlements and CCG or Local Authority disputes as to their duty to fund care costs on the grounds of double recovery
  • Section 117 Mental Health Act 1983 after care funding
  • The distinction between a health need and a social care need
  • Disputes involving property disregards and joint beneficial ownership


Thursday 5 November (part 1) and Tuesday 10 November (part 2) – 1.30pm – 4.30pm


To find out more about this Seminar, or to book, view the Paying For Care And Securing Funding – All You Need To Know Event Page.

Our Community Care Law team can design and deliver in house training on any of the above topics for your private client team or your organisation. To find out more, contact us today on 01273609911, or email info@ms-solicitors.co.uk.

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