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Equality & Diversity

Mind The Bump

We are committed to principles of equality and diversity in our workplace and in the way we provide our legal service.

We also work with our clients to enable them to be best practice employers and campaign on issues such as pregnancy and maternity discrimination, disability discrimination, shared parental leave and equal pay.

We believe that:

  • Equal opportunities means maximising employee potential and ensuring that all employees and job applicants receive equal access in relation to employment, terms and conditions, training, promotion and services.
  • Diversity is about recognising, respecting and valuing the differences between individuals. It means treating people as individuals and accounting for inequalities and disadvantages.
  • Greater diversity and equality of opportunity results in a wider client base and increasing success in the marketplace.

Diversity monitoring

We carry out regular diversity and inclusion self-assessments as set by The Law Society Diversity and Inclusion Charter to monitor and promote inclusion.

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