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Deadline For Reclaiming Care Home Fees Announced By Government

The Department of Health has announced that families only have until 30 September 2012 to reclaim wrongly paid care home fees.

Many families are unaware that they qualify for NHS continuing healthcare funding, and so may have been making unnecessary financial contributions towards a loved ones care. Often this can mean selling their home or other assets.

The reclaiming deadline applies to care home fees paid between 1 April 2004 and 31 March 2011. Even if the person receiving the care has since died, families may still be entitled to seek a refund.

With the deadline only a matter of months away, it’s vital that families who feel they may have been entitled to NHS continuing healthcare funding contact an expert community care solicitor to look into their case. This highlights the need to act promptly, because if the family only seek legal advice at the end of the process, when the case is with the health service ombudsman, it is very difficult even for an expert solicitor to make a difference.

My team have a strong record in fighting complex NHS continuing healthcare cases. Between November 2011 and January 2012 our team recovered awards worth over £400,000 for 11 different families across England, together with ongoing funding of approximately £40,000 each year for those still in care. Take a look at our case studies or contact us to arrange a free initial assessment of your case.

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