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10 Top Tips on Shared Parental Leave for Employers

  1. Make sure that you have a clear Shared Parental Leave (SPL) Policy. This will help to ensure consistency and transparency in making and responding to employee notifications regarding SPL.
  2. Ensure that all line managers and other senior staff receive training and are aware of the rights and entitlements of employees seeking to take SPL. It is important to ensure that your HR and line managers are aware of procedures for dealing with SPL and are equipped to take a proactive and supportive role.
  3. Once in receipt of a notification of entitlement to SPL, check that your employee is eligible to request SPL. For eligibility requirements see GOV.UK.
  4. Arrange an informal discussion regarding what kind of leave your employee is intending to take. This can provide a good opportunity to talk about preferences at an early stage in order to prepare for a formal request. This will assist you in finding out the type and pattern of leave your employee may be interested in taking.
  5. Continuous leave notification must be accepted and you should  consider how your employee’s work will be covered.
  6. Upon receiving notice to book discontinuous SPL, set up a meeting within 14 calendar days to discuss the proposal with your employee and consider how and whether the request, or a modified version of it, can be agreed.
  7. Consider what impact your employee’s absence will have on your organisation and what steps can be taken to mitigate this. For example, are there any important events/days planned? Are there any challenging/busy periods coming up? How might your employee’s role be covered?
  8. If refusing discontinuous notice, propose alternative dates (if viable) for your employee to consider.
  9. Ensure that you pay the correct amount of Shared Parental Pay and/or Statutory Maternity Pay, as applicable. To check the current rates see GOV.UK calculator.
  10. If you offer enhanced maternity pay consider matching by offering enhanced contractual pay for SPL. You will need to offer this to men and women taking SPL to avoid discrimination claims.

How we help you deal with Shared Parental Leave

Our specialist solicitors advise on best practice with regards to Shared Parental Leave. This includes advice to ensure equality in the workplace and avoidance of any discriminatory practice. We can provide Shared Parental Leave policies for birth and adoptive parents.

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